A Fresh Start

Shifting from one plan to another comes with some small sacrifice. However the long term goals are still the same. Building a platform to empower people and to unleash their creativity.

Santa's Reindeer XYZ

We recently built the soon to be launched Santa's Reindeer XYZ, where children will be able to help Santa choose the reindeer for next Christmas. This little site is a "just for fun" project. Something for kids, and a little bit for people who like to bake. Which, of couse is for the kids too, who are we kidding. Cookies!

Plan A

Put together a team of like-minded developers and work on interesting projects on a part time basis for fun, enjoyment, and a little profit.

Plan A has been halted because reasons.

Plan B

Take one idea that might have wings and run with it as hard as possible to see if it can fly. Gather creative talent interesting in running with it as well and see how many people can be lifted together.

We are going with Plan B!